KeyTo for Software Development

Software Development creates and customizes solutions to support the business processes. Thereby systems are created for internal use and on the other side for customers on the external market.

Just as in all other processes and business areas, it is the goal of software development to implement the requirements in the most efficient way. Usually processes and solutions are used depending on the platform like JAVA or. NET.

To control and optimize software development processes, extensive data from the respective development systems, processes, financial systems and also from projects is necessary.

KeyTo allows a comprehensive cross-analysis of all different data.

The KeyTo standard reports inform about the main control issues, such as the level of development, the effort required by using different platforms or software products. In addition, the keyto.panel dashboards provide a steady collection of relevant information that allows the immediate intervention in case of need. And keyto.adhoc offers the ability to easily analyze complex issues ad-hoc, using OLAP mechanisms.

KeyTo for Process Management