• for Process Management


    prepared structures and KPIs for Incident and Change Management linked with process metrics from Finance and Contract Management

  • for Service Portfolio Management


    comprehensive information on the performance contribution of existing services and the quantity and cost models for the best setup of your offer

  • for Customer Management


    monitoring the key factors of Service Level Management, customer satisfaction and sales

  • for Management


    keep track of all facts and analyse particular situations for a flexible control of your competitiveness

  • for IT Operations


    a prepared model includes metrics regarding ITIL processes, security and compliance as well as the planning of capacity and availability

  • for Software Development


    combines data from distinct development systems, from the implemented processes and from financial systems for the control of your software development process


Profitability through Business Insights and Digital Tools

To keep pace with the steady acceleration of economic and technological changes, it is high time to innovate and digitalize your business activities. This allows business leaders to make better informed and timely decisions as well as quickly add value to cost-effectiveness across their organizations. Based in Munich, Germany, LINJAL empowers business leaders to better reach company goals by enhancing management steering capabilities and organizational effectiveness.


LINJAL brings agility to life via business consulting, analysis, and digital business transformation:


Improving ability to manage changing priorities by focusing performance targets

Facilitating sustainable value-adding product portfolio results

Increasing productivity by intensifying cross-functional collaboration

Augmenting cost-effectiveness by standardizing, harmonizing, and automating workflow

Reducing uncertainty and risks associated with operational supervision

Digital Business Transformation

  • Fit for the future by bringing business strategy, models, and processes together with digital technologies
  • Protection of competitive edge through advanced business intelligence and management capabilities
  • Robust organizational effectiveness and efficiency by tuning business performance with digital automations
  • Modern approach to increase business value, impact working culture, and elevate customer experience

Business Consulting & Analysis

  • Interdisciplinary and extensive know-how in the field of business and digital innovation
  • Empathic competence with a good sense of feasibility, proportionality, and methodology
  • Cost-effective and value-adding digital strategy and action plan
  • Aligned operational efforts with strategic business objectives


Digital Tools: KeyTo

  • Expert software developed specially to amplify business focus and integrity of decision-making
  • In-depth monitoring and analysis of business performance over entire service portfolio lifecycles
  • Ready-to-go and comprehensive insights via predefined dashboard view of performance benchmarks
  • Rapidly deployable agility via integrated data, information, workflow processes, structures, and calculations

LINJAL Approach

  • Systematic and comprehensive methodology to quality-check business intelligence and efficiency of cross-functional collaboration
  • Roadmap tuning of individual workflow processes, expenses, and cost models throughout all product lifecycle phases
  • Archetype to engage full organizational potential towards achieving business objectives
  • Cybernetic control model to unify multiple sub-disciplines and key metrics into one common performance indicator system