KeyTo is the software for state-of-the-art dashboard visualisation and intuitive analysis of key performance indicators

Dashboards and modern techniques of visualisation help one to keep track of an organisation. Business Intelligence (BI) technologies extract data from several sources, then transfer and load the data in a relational data model, keyto.db, that has been linked to the IT Service Provider. This step includes data cleansing as well as its validation and aggregation so that even complex interrelations can be detected. The developed solution consists of four modules: keyto.IT Architektur

keyto.visual serves to visualise and analyse data, providing controlling-relevant dashboards and reports. In easily adaptable standards, field-proven parameters and key figures that are appropriate for supporting the challenges associated with each individual business role, group, and/or department throughout the company are provided.

keyto.analyse allows the creation of ad hoc analysis. For this purpose, different ROLAP-Cubes (Relational Online Analytical Processing) are offered that can be adapted to the relevant domain. enables an intelligent evaluation of data. With the help of modern methods (e.g. artificial intelligence), data is collected, analysed, and interpreted to create control-relevant key figures.

keyto.db represents the central hub of data for the whole KeyTo.IT© system. The original sources of data and the various platforms of analyses and evaluations are linked to the IT Service Provider via a predefined and harmonised data model.