KeyTo for Process Management

Process management is responsible for the effectiveness, compliance and continuous improvement of the IT support processes and procedures. Besides the classical ITIL Service Management disciplines (like Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Service Level, Availability and Capacity Management) subjects like controlling and software development are taken into account by KeyTo.IT©.

KeyTo enables the supervision of single process steps in order to ensure process compliance. Keeping the quality of the process output in mind at the same time.
If either the procedure, the results of individual steps, or the output as a whole do not meet the requirements, timely readjustments need to take place. By visualizing process-KPIs, KeyTo.IT© is an early warning system to avoid the loss of services in the worst case, and thus breaches of the agreed service levels.

Continuous improvement throughout all process activities

To increase the overall efficiency of the processes, cost and effort drivers must be identified. The drivers can be found in the quality of input as well as in the design of particular process steps or their order. To identify the potential for improvement, the process manager needs to be able to analyze extensive detailed information on process instances and their aggregates.

KeyTo collects all relevant data from all respective processes and systems in use and makes them available for the process manager. By using keyto.rep, reports are created and updated periodically and they can be sent automatically to the process manager. This way he can assess the effectiveness of the processes and if necessary take action in time. Relevant information for the daily operations of and with processes is provided via keyto.panel which visualizes the key figures in modern dashboards. This gives the process manager the chance to react on individual events in time. If a deeper examination may be necessary, including evaluations for special issues are possible with the help of keyto.adhoc.


KeyTo for IT Operations