KeyTo for Service Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is where the range of services offered by a company is defined, in accordance with the requirements of the customers and the market. KeyTo supports Portfolio Management by delivering comprehensive information about the value contribution, quantities and cost models of existing services.

The service components are bundled logically. Underlying figures from the sales process, software development, operations, the service management processes (for example incident management, problem management, change management) and finance management are made available in an easy- to-use solution.

keyto.panel offers modern visualisation methods to display the key information about the Service Portfolio. This way the portfolio manager can determine the services with high demand at a glance, and he or she may easily understand the income generated by the individual offers or can determine the costs incurred by single service components.

Spot your success factors and identify less profitable services.

keyto.rep is the place for all standard reports. Complex subjects regarding the service portfolio can be easily analysed with keyto.adhoc. However, the analysis is not limited to a single process or a data domain, but uses the data from all relevant areas.


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