KeyTo for IT Operations

Operations is the central engine of IT service providers.

The infrastructure is operated here as well as the required systems and service management. These are for example systems for software distribution, monitoring and event management, and the ITSM (IT Service Management) system.

To face the market competition with efficient performance, various factors are subject for IT operations of IT service providers:

  • In the area of ITIL Service Management operative processes are established here, in particular incident and change processes.
  • In addition, measures in the field of security and compliance are necessary.
  • The inventory and service availability are planned and implemented.

Operating information from various systems and activities needs to be processed to ensure the efficiency of the service delivery.

Information is required in different periodicity and aggregation.

KeyTo has standard operating models already included and provides the relevant reports out-of-the-box in the keyto.rep module. In addition keyto.adhoc allows access to all the relevant data in an OLAP-based analysis for individual investigations. The so generated reports can then be used in role-specific and personalized dashboards in the keyto.panel.


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