KeyTo for Management

Regardless of the level, management must keep a broad number of topics in the eye and has to be able to react on changes rapidly.
This requires a regular examination of operational data and facts but also individual analysis of specific situations if necessary.

The challenge is to be able to merge data and information from different areas. Financial data are playing an important role, as well as operational process-related data (for example Incident or Change Management), or data from the service specifications or agreements.

KeyTo merges and allocates all relevant data in an own environment.

Standard management-related reports are generated automatically within keyto.rep. Management receives exactly the information it needs for proper control and to cope with the own reporting duties. The achievement of defined objectives can be monitored easily for different fields of interest. Further, management may use dashboards visualising current issues with keyto.panel.
For deeper analysis of data and information from all areas, processes, and systems, drill-down enabled OLAP-analysis are offered within keyto.adhoc.

KeyTo comes with an already implemented data-model and pre-built reports, tailored to the needs of IT Service Providers. It gives you the chance to conduct individual examinations fast and easily with minimised costs for the implementation. Thus, transaction-based costs can be significantly reduced.


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