KeyTo for Customer Management

Customer management coordinates all necessary tasks and activities with focus on the delivery of the agreed services. Sales and service management play an essential role hereby, so the responsibilities of customer management are versatile:

    • • Monitor and coordinate the development and the transition of services for customers
    • • Ensure the provision of agreed services during the term of the contract
    • Conduct regular service reviews and identify potential for improvement in terms of volume models, service quality or on concrete service specifications.

All tasks in customer management revolve around the balance of the contractually agreed products between IT Service Provider and customer and the effectively delivered services.

KeyTo provides on the one hand important contractual meta-information and supplied volumes, agreements and performance notes. At the same time, data from service delivery is included and compared with the nominal values.

keyto.rep creates automated periodic reports for the customer and service management based in this information.

On the one hand the verification or the breaches of the service levels provided is in the primary interest of the customer. For service management one the other hand a prospective trend analysis is important to consider potential future impacts. In addition, the individual service components are considered in internal company reports, in order to identify needs of corrective measures.
Next to the periodic and automated reports, KeyTo.IT© also provides the ability to display the level of performance on dashboards in the keyto.panel or evaluate efficiency with keyto.adhoc any time.


KeyTo for Management